10 reasons to give thanks for Catholic and Apostolic priests

I’ve compiled a short list, of 10 significant reasons why Catholic and Apostolic priests are so great for humanity.

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My best poem ever

This is a poem for anyone or everyone who loves God above all else; and who loves at least one person alone, more than every scholar in the world combined – and who like me – doesn’t give a “flying rip” about intelligence exposes for sake of vanity, powers of false persuasions, or disrespect for valor.

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[Pet peeve of the day]

Do you (as I) find that some men (some women similarly) simply aren’t satisfied enough with impressing and satisfying their own wife or girlfriend (privately); and, that they go to great lengths to impress those belonging to others, through their public life, preoccupations, or life’s work (publicly)? With rare exceptions to the “rule”, these are people with a grudge and hatred for their brother – this pet peeve of mine is shared with you today.

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Why drone controllers (and cities) can justifiably expect lawsuits in return, if they use their toys in certain ways.

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(1996) Music album: “Rage Against The Machine”
Are you raging? Check out this closely examined write up, of a caustic, hard-rock, American product.

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Petition Drive – the front lines, on a bedrock of liberty

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May 1, 2020: recent election certification date deadline

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