Well wishing to Brazil’s current president Jair Bolsonaro; and many, many others worldwide.

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Will CA’s votes be irrelevant? CA, put on notice. The sitting President is concerned:

President Trump expresses legitimate concerns over CA State’s upcoming singular method of election, this week. Is he over-reacting? It doesn’t seem that he is. Here’s why:

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“The New Colossus” By Emma Lazarus, 1883 exhibited the spirit of welcoming, rather than captivating. This post examines our Statue of Liberty, as symbol under the backdrop of present day US ideologies and Marxist tactic.

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Respiration regulates the healthy exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide for our body. This post is about the health dangers posed by face masks (coverings). Especially during strenuous, otherwise healthy, activity.

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Fellow Trumpers

This post is a notice to all of my fellow pro “Trumpers”:

The Dems are already starting to create a construct for Russian “ties” to our president (again), in order to rope-in the lesser informed voters. I heard it on last night’s news. We all know now with proven certainty, of their crooked dossiers (Dems’) that plagued us for the last 4 years. Even if Russians hack our PCs for whatever reason during these months upcoming, disregard their moves, and vote securely for the better man – our Trump.

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Readers, please pray for the brave police who keep us safe

This article citation is in honor of every good police officer who in America is keeping you and me safe. Many of whom, like this man, have suffered grave injury or death in the line of duty.

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This post is a citation of an article written about the strength of our police. This article is presented to you, in response, to public discussion and some criticisms of public servant unions… who collect money from political party (for police). Instead of funding from the predominant political party of our present time, many call for keeping police services truly independent (tax-payer funded) only.


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citation of article featuring the opening of some hotels, re-purposed, for homeless populations. This is believed to be, a public and private (corporation) partnership.


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A post about how a successful economy depends on momentum and commitment to workplace tasks (in the office, remotely etc.). How Winston Churchill’s words (once said), support the sensible case for a reduction of ‘COVID-19’ mitigation reactions to the disease:

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Predilection, bias, naivete: distinct meanings

Predilection, bias, naivete: 3 distinctly different words; how to properly understand and use each.

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