‘Coronavirus’, and an axis of power.

‘Coronavirus’ and an axis of power.

This somewhat lengthy entry describes the current political dynamic of our nation, those in my state of California; and some of the realities we now face and those we did face in America very recently.


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Out of the spotlight, but never defeated.

Inauguration 2021. Much like a wedding invitation that you declined, it’s best to let those who were invited to enjoy their special day. “Feather in our cap”, to a day of non- violence, and transition of power. Commentary:


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Company site: technical difficulties. Stand by.

Dear readers, and friends:
At present, my company is experiencing technical difficulties in broadcasting.

I am working with my service providers at this time to restore complete functionality.

I am sorry for the delay.

This fix requires their support on the server end.

Please be patient, while accessibility is not functional at present.


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US Presidential Inauguration; one long week away from today

Friends, remain strong, patient, and peaceful. These next 10 days might seem very drawn out for most of us. January 20th is presidential inauguration day. The US sitting President, US sitting Vice President, (The White House) “beef up security”: and ask us to help us achieve peaceful transition into the next four years.


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This post features two US scientists of the prior century. As we battle Coronavirus, the topic may interest you now especially.


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The smart thing to do.

The smart thing to do.

Observing that people are getting paid to lash out “on both sides” using violence, if you believe that, rather than demonstrate in protests… it may be wiser not to do so. Violence has gotten in to both sides – and somebody is funding it, if you believe it.


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Current Chancellor A. Merkel. And, former California Governor this week:

Friends, sometimes a celebrity’s ego can get in the way of making cogent argument. True, for anyone. Sometimes, also, (to be fair), what people say can be misunderstood-so it’s often best to inquire if one can and offer benefit of the doubt. This week, German Chancellor A. Merkel scored some big points here (by American patriots), by bravely defending free speech for all views in the West. While one of “our own” here in America, distastefully made a poor likening, invoking 1930’s and 40’s German history, to our President… with past German historical tyranny, genocidal rule, and dictatorship. This, boosting leftist sentiments; and, glorifying leftist advocates (in Hollywood) who fund discord and rebellion, in order to advance their own politics by any and all means that they feel may be necessary. Read more here:


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Can couples be of different political party?

Depending on your personality and preferences, you might desire political argumentation amid your private, personal, relationship. Can your relationship with a partner of opposite party persuasions survive? Read this short post to find out what I think about that, and see if it might adjust your attitude on the topic.


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Brief featured article about 2 political, currently relevant, US Authors. And, about 4 current US political activists. (Brought to your attention). For your consideration:


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My fellow Patriotic Americans: it surely is difficult not to lash out due to our election fight – especially when our values and way of life are unjustly attacked. But, we have to use justice in these coming days, and have hope. Even, if we exhaust ourselves.


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