Julian Assange. Trial is expected next month, readers. Exercise your freedoms wherever you are, or lose them.

We often honor our brave men and women on the battlefield. But, do we honor ALL those properly, who defend YOUR FREEDOM? Fight and defend, or lose your freedom. The richest Americans depend on FREEDOM just as much as anyone. Exercise your freedom. Start by reading this post about Julian Assange. Trump voters, would have not succeeded without Julian.

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PSA: this is a script for potential client. (TV, Internet, Radio, Film Ad)

PSA: this is a script for potential client. (TV, Internet, Radio, Film Ad).

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There’s an “old” term that has sort of wasted away, during a period of conformity. The term is called “counter culture”. Brief analysis.

When someone tries to shut you up and speak for you, do you let them? Here’s a present- day analysis on what the meaning of the term “counter culture” really means; and, how it still relates to present day life.

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The Hollywood buzz-word: “Diversity”. But, is “diversity” truth? Or, simply definition of yet another flavor of racial bias.

Do you like movies that promote racial identity? Or do you prefer something more substantive? You’re likely not to get the latter, out of writers who promote racial identity in their writings. Read this short analysis from a “Latino” who has had practically nothing in common with the race and culture:

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Biblical take on life science: with link to crop circle article

Crop Circle article referred (link), with short introduction about Christian religion and life sciences.

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A very brief reflection, on why we should ever try to do anything at all. Re-read the prior post after this one, again, for deeper understanding.

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How can one begin to “trim the fat”, spiritually speaking?

Ever wonder how it is, that God allows even one of His chosen people to suffer to any degree? Is suffering “deserved”; or is it more a randomly illogical thing? I’m not entirely certain, but, read this for some important biblical teaching on this very subject:

[Trimming the fat, in a spiritual sense. (Motivational).]

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