Voters who think of their political views as “moderate”, must make a rational decision with regard to US healthcare. “Everyone” wants to reform it and make it better; but Dems cannot offer a financially sustainable route without much policy give – nor one (left to their own unrealistic mandates) that would not soon be derailed by even slightest increases in illegal alien populations and declining employment in America.

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Don’t be “too busy to vote”. Here are some tips regarding the various methods available to California voters in my City, County, State: These tips contain quoted answers after a query of a county election representative, my own findings based on that, and the materials received in the mail from them and Postal Service:

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Super close to election date; what does your vote say about you? A few words here for thought. Post goes live at midnight (10-08-2020).

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Does the ease of calling someone a liar make the accusation truthful?

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Despite impediments of all sorts, from opposition political party’s members, our sitting president has managed to protect us from Corona-Virus having much worse deadly impact.

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With all that time that we invest in researching voting materials, with all the heart we put into finding our leaders, with the care that we give to choosing our representative’s and the law, don’t we want to make sure that our elections are fair and accurate? I share with you what an election watch-dog monitor has stated and released before our 2020 US election.

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Democrats to the present date have raised about 2.43 times as much money as Republicans have in this year of 2020, (on federal campaigning) according to a financial disclosure website. This is indication of an insecurity on part of the challenging campaigners. But, it also indicates influential backing. Better said: (double the money plus .43 of 1 times as much, more).

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Screenwriters: beware of cults and trade-schemes. This post thoroughly examines the professional (and unprofessional) landscape for serious writers today.

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corporations’ campaign contributions; and socialism in a “nut-shell”:
Yes, American universities are to great extent similar to the other corporate brand you shop from. Here’s another “non member” post that concisely presents to you the fallacy: that you would make a horrible uncle, aunt, or parent. And, the truth, that socialism would impair you further, from doing that freely.

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An unhappy wife is likely to spend her money outside of her marriage. So too, a national political agenda that is based on our founding principles will discipline the stray. Here’s a post about ideology, happiness, order, and common national prosperity.

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