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EU must act quickly

I ask a simple question that will likely spurn many many answers unfortunately: Why does Ukraine not wish to join NATO, now that money has gone to Ukraine and Russia has withdrawn forces deeper into Russia? After crimea voted to … Continue reading

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Egyptian mass sentence

My sympathy to those of you who are facing death sentences in Egypt, at the hand of your court system.    

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funny observation

There’s an active Turkish politician by the name of Abdullah Gull who looks like US actor George Clooney! They look like distant brothers! Have you seen pictures side by side? The Turkish politician has a bigger chin and a few … Continue reading

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proper terminology

Can we agree in our dialogues to refer only to younger than 18 as “child”, as in adolescent or younger? There’s been common enough usage of the term “child” in referring even to adults as “children”. It’s muddling the integrity … Continue reading

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something to consider

Will the United States feel one iota of indedbtedness to Europe for it’s going along with DC’s plan of imposing sanctions on Russia? Europe has far more to lose economically by cutting ties with Russia than the United States does. … Continue reading

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“Noah” and pastor Schimmel

Pastor Joe Schimmel, I heard your radio address referencing the movie “Noah”. I want to thank you for warning me about it and for sharing broader thematics and views. Selecting movie content to see is pertinent in living a healthy … Continue reading

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