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The Bible offers comfort. Not just fire and brimstone.

Dear friends, For Christians, so much in our life, is less critical in our learning, than understanding the Word of God as Christ wants us to. So many of us (including me) are learning HOW to interpret the new covenant … Continue reading

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Big income receivers

On February 27, 2000, the Los Angeles Times newspaper published the amounts that some prominent people and that some non-prominent people earned that year in dollars. In that insert, called “Parade”, the following figures were told: “Deion Sanders, age 32 … Continue reading

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Did you happen to see the Conelo / Mayweather boxing match up?

A few brief comments about a major recent boxing match: Mayweather vs. Conelo, hosted recently in Las Vegas, was a match-up in boxing, that played out in the ring for the maximal number of rounds. While watching a significant amount … Continue reading

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Trying to keep posts (free) for you to read!

Dear reader. Thank you for your interest in my blog. I find growing numbers reading my posts and that is great! It encourages me to speak evermore! I have recently “auditioned” with “” to permit advertising. While advertisements can be … Continue reading

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Death penalty reconsidered in Californian law?

According to multiple recent local California news sources, [“on July 16, 2014, federal judge Cormac J. Carney – (Jones v. Chappell), ruled a death penalty sentencing”, stemming from years ago, now “unconstitutional”]. This case was re-opened after the petitioning of … Continue reading

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