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publishing update

I have verbally terminated my contract with Tate Publishing and Enterprises LLC, by phone call, on August 25 of this year. I have subsequently, in writing also terminated my contract on September 13 of this year. This means that the … Continue reading

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The “Bieb”meister.

My good wishes go out to J. Bieber. He’s still really young and is confronting incredible stresses that most adults don’t know anything about nor could handle even as an aged person. Some people believe that celebrity figures “like the … Continue reading

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tax strapped state

Mr. and/or Mrs. tax collector… be advised that the bulls cannot be milked. For your land of milk and honey, you should try the cows of Chicago?

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“Reagan vs. Obama”

An animated lesson, in good fun and good taste. Animators and cartoonists often do great work.

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our major election? Or re-election?

I don’t take pleasure in the downtrodden being disappointed. Nor do I enjoy offerings I make being squandered. To all those who still are hanging on to “hope” and “change” under the current policies, I would advise aligning your vote … Continue reading

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