marriage defined

In an ever increasingly secular society, I think that the values and traditions passed down for our benefit should not be disparaged. I had a talk with a gay counterpart recently about definition. He said that marriage is not defined as between man and woman only, rather any individuals who seek secular validation as a couple. I find this an interesting definition, but I find it incorrect as a strict interpreter of language. One has to objectively ask, where does the definition of a word matter? First, the opinion on which people of the same language communicate plays significance; but, more importantly, definitions’ origin. Marriage is the word for the sacrament as defined by churches that practice the tradition as willed by the people engaging with one another and God. In summation, as a civil libertarian, I support no law that gives justification for criminal activity against such individuals. Those who hate you have no understanding of the faith that I practice through my church which has rights to the word and definition of marriage. The state and country must respect this word if we are to ever live in a free society that does not seek to dilute all that is true, to leave nothing for all.

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