If the president won’t extend Medicare to all anymore, and if he’s not interested in providing us who don’t have it, it, who is he trying to please? I’m genuinely wondering who he’s interested in pleasing. I haven’t seen information that would indicate bribes originating from private insurance companies. But, from hundreds of emails he and his team have sent me, I thought that he was going to craft a plan for the poor, interested in pushing through a “base-line” plan for the uninsured, paid for by Medicare expansion. If I were ultra-left, I’d be furious. I’m puzzled as a centrist leaning social conservative. Regardless of political allegiance, I have to say that this appears very awkward. Those who can afford insurance aside from a government option, don’t need to be discussed, they’re fine. And people who don’t have insurance are mad for reasons other than that which I don’t quite understand. If they don’t want insurance, they have a right not to have it, but do they have a right to prevent their fellow citizens the fundamental right, if those others can’t afford healthcare? I don’t think so. It just has become evident that if not this president, then no one will there be who will ever fight for automatically funded insurance for all. This is the last chance. I won’t support reform after this chance, and I don’t think anyone else in America will either. The president may squander the unique position he’s been given to utilize the only leverage he has, to rally behind Dennis Kucinich. He doesn’t need to pitch something to the public. He just needs to get behind the Congressman who has demonstrated clarity on the issue. [update 1.20.2014: Dennis Kucinich’s Medicare-for-all fight did not receive enough support. Abandoning hopes led constituents such as me to oppose what would be come to be known as Obama-Care”. This abandoned agenda resulted in some of the far left, the emergent “Tea Party”, most conservatives, and many third-party voters, to agree on destroying what has evolved to be called “Obama-Care”. One thing it is not, is “universal healthcare” as could have otherwise been crafted. We will see what comes of this “Obama-Care”.]

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