nut-cases using the N word, (either one)

To all those nut-cases out there, who have been throwing the word “Nazi” around lately to libel a president this country elected, this question for you: why aren’t you standing in someone else’s corner, advocating that he get something long overdue-healthcare, instead of libeling our president? Anyone who uses “that word” automatically conjures up ignorance and vulgarity. You look plain stupid. To compare hate crimes of past with a populist president who is making sure that those people who you obviously don’t give a shit about, a plan of health care… imagine that. It never fails to baffle me how people resort to the word “Nazi” to bitch about anything they disapprove of, and can’t articulate why, in normal nomenclature. Didn’t get cream in your coffee, like you asked? “Nazi”. Got ripped off at the store? “Nazi”. I’ve heard that label used in instances I never did ever understand. Put your irrational fears aside. The Nazi fringe in our country is not in office, let’s be clear about the difference. Nor would a Nazi party ever likely support anything this president is proposing. Pissed off that your government wants to reduce healthcare foibles? Must be a “Nazi” conspiracy… orchestrated from the bastard’s grave. Come on people! Drop the old label. It’s about as both off base and offensive as the other “N” word. If you should ever be water-boarded, then I’ll listen. You call your captor a “Nazi”; or any of the other totalitarians by name who have inflicted bodily harm throughout history. Then, I’ll be on your side; but, now you-all who use that word in your protest recently on Washington, sound like a bunch of “mamby-pamby’s”. Are you serious?! I ought to support this president even more than I have, ’cause I just don’t get what you’re all bitching about. All that comes across is that you’re mad as hell. You’re probably the same stock who pays the teenage dope fiend your last grand, to go and paint a swastika in his school bathroom, so that you can still claim that the Nazi party is overhauling your country.

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