I heard that actor B. Pitt’s ex-wife tells the media that she has/had a stalker near her home. Does that mean he or she didn’t like the show “Friends”?
Kidding aside, I feel this is an important point I’m about to make. Reason for my point, is that it’s really hard to gauge whether a celebrity take advantage of such a story to draw publicity and say, “damn look how popular I am… I have a stalker.” or “poor me, I have a stalker”. Or “I’m so mega stardom that I have a stalker”. I don’t really know.
Honestly. But, the prospect of this potential dynamic is scarier than the potential for a crime, standing on its own, is. Do celebrities run the risk of encouraging stalker behavior? I think a whole book can be written about the subject. It’s certainly reported enough on the everyday news… why not a book releasing police reports of celebrity stalking. That would be cool. I’d read it if I had the time, so that I could decide what’s real and what’s overblown. Always look out for the publicity stunts!

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