Aircraft sale proposal yet again

I am not privy to the president’s access to intelligence, but he did appear to me in a dream in which he was quite angry with me for something. Strange I know. Maybe I wasn’t providing him with enough intelligence?
I’ll have to save that story for Sigmund Freud or some other psycho-analyst.
Anyway, I do have to voice disapproval with the idea. Mostly because I don’t think that Saudi Arabia needs to be given any of our jets.
What guarantee is selling weaponry in hopes of tempering a foe?
It seems that the US President, a friend of history’s lessons, knows what happened when we armed the front against Russia many years ago-led by Bin Ladin.
I think in a previous blog of mine I mentioned the specifics of that mistake.
Sometimes it is a tough choice, when we decide to arm other nations other than our own. I can imagine the complexity, but we’ve done nothing to secure or seal the behaviors of the Saudi allies.
Has something been signed? It is a dangerous task. Again, this is an area where I diverge from the President’s judgment. Congress should remember that giving money to the middle-east is potentially more and more complicated and more and more of a drain on United States productivity. I hate to say it, but it will be harder to know who is friend if we continue down such a path. And I hate the thought of service men and women being sent somewhere again as a result of trading weaponry
for dollars. Once they’re sold, there’s no guarantee to who they’re used against. That’s a simple rule that we know.
What are we going to do? Place restrictions on usage of their increased arsenal? Force them to direct an apportioned amount against who we say?
Don’t you think that they might disagree?
I really don’t understand.
If I were in Washington, working in the executive branch, I’d most likely resign today over this.

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