election 2010

I decided today to diverge from my secret ballot privilege, to say that long-time political enemies can sometimes have the answer to our problems. I hope that the public realize this and vote not out of fear, as usual in the past. I have all too often heard people say “I don’t like either candidate… I’m going to pick what appears to be the lesser of two evils.”
But, friends, that opens the door to a precedent of always being required to choose between two or more poor choices.

I am seeing instances where people vote, loyal to party, out of complete ignorance for what the other candidate can be
predicted or expected to do for the state (in a state election). For this election, I endorse Meg Whitman for CA governor. I also endorse Carly Fiorina.
As I get older, disloyal to either major party (Republican/Democrat), I see the mistakes voters have made.
I rarely, if ever voted Republican, [Arnold, I did not vote for you, both terms… though you turned out to do great things for our state. By the way, you are not one of those “political enemies” I refer to.) I see that within any party lay a host of political gradation in a whole “rainbow” of colors.
Except seemingly the Democratic Party, who nearly unanimously with all candidates alike is fiscally liberal as well as socially liberal, to an excess.
We have people in various levels of social conservativeness, various shades of fiscal conservativeness, and various opinions and issue stances that are pressing at some times more than others, in other parties. I find instances far from unanimous agreement with my own party.
Hot button issues can strike out a candidate before batting at the ball with a whole host of other important discussions. That’s unfortunate.
That having been said, I’d also like to voice my dismay for madam secretary’s announcement this past week to send military aid to Pakistan. Again, I don’t think that what looks like bribery funding, will be protected and sealed from “trickle down” to terrorists by the aided nation. I’d like to promote abstinence when it comes to the latest round of spending, dear old DC. (If I didn’t care, I would say).
And thirdly, this past week brought news of yet another radio station which fired one of its own. This station is perhaps the best we have in all of “household dial” radio. I’m surprised it hasn’t faced a more affirmative public outcry. But sadly, Mr. Don Imus, and Dr. Laura, simply cannot compete with Dr. Phil, Oprah, or NPR it seem. (The last three mentioned have their benefits; but, without the former, they are no longer balanced out.)

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