so that’s why people twitter-they can’t wait to say what’s on their mind.

I saw this sign, on late night/early morning news, that someone at the “Colbert, Stewart” rally (as I choose to call it) in DC, displayed to a news camera. (With a crowd of people who have no proven symbiosis with the two outspoken, intelligent, satirist “lefties”- who might make light of some ridiculous politics of the moment as desperate measures and misdirected anger prevail… more so than usual?). Anyhow there comes a point where people such as I, diverge from others, no matter how intelligent they may be, mostly because that is what invariably happens when the sex just isn’t good anymore. Anyhow, some random person held up a sign that “informed” an “ignorant” “public” that “gay Nazi-Mexicans are raising your taxes”. I certainly hope this is a joke! Since they are humorists, I would think the report and occurrence were staged, but, even for someone like me who has often joked of my own ethnicity, I don’t joke about my being straight. And, although the sign indicated a “plural” target, I wonder who actually believed that a “gay Nazi-Mexican would make it to political office in the first place. A gay man would, but a Nazi? No, I highly doubt it, and for good reason.
[Gentlemen, you are funny, and I do have a sense of humor too. I’m glad to see that you are not entirely lefty anymore now in 2014. And if you’ll allow me to say now on 1.20.2014 that facetiousness has its place too, maybe you’ll tape a rally where a sign says “bend-over, no matter who’s in office”.]

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