Afghan War and Mexico

Afghanistan’s economy based on its cash crop the poppy, has been disrupted by US armed forces and other participating nation’s armed forces.
I’m wondering if this war, like Russia’s long ago vs. tribal terrorists, is being lost as well. Surely the US announced its intent at fighting the Taliban and other armed groups when first going in. And, the reasons have been more than just poppy crop. I’m wondering if we can fight the drug aspect of the war by refusing to use the drugs. I’ve been told about the importance of limiting domestic illicit drug use. I concurred. And it’s worth noting that we could help our southern border nation of Mexico with their war against the drug cartels also, best, in such similar manner – controlling drug trade.
[2014 Update: Mexico has had marginal and noteworthy success against drug traffickers south of the border, coupled by boosted US operations of sealing the border and apprehending drug traffickers north of the border. Keep up the good work Congress and partners.]

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