other countries

If more countries could enter Afghanistan at villagers’ request, to help keep insurgents out of peaceful zones, it seems that such coordination could starve armed insurgents. I’m wondering who the US could share such intelligence and effort with, in addition to whom currently is there doing just that. Poppy needs to be cut off from insurgents. I’m also thinking that maybe India could be a partner in training Afghan police and government. I’ve so often heard that US money is being squandered there. Is that true? [not necessarily an accurate perception] If so, then there most definitely need to be more involvement there from other nations, as was the case before they withdrew their forces. This is not just an US problem. We should better examine the benefits to those nations who are combatting terrorists. [Update 2014: Maybe now is just the right time for Russia to join coalition efforts? Or have they had enough in the 20th century to consider such action? Probably.]

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