a lesson in political-science

Diplomatic leaks have caused consternation, as publicly reported; but, for the citizen of a given country, he or she certainly cares quite a bit, how the leadership gets along and directs public policy. Usually every country wants to disclose to its citizens, such direction, and does so rather well. But a leak might suggest that citizenry who are considered friends of other nations’ citizens, can be spared from suffering any illusions born from the relations that might be deceptive as a result of certain leaders. Whether there are obvious deceptions- they can be eclipsed by the potential that exists every day for diplomats to be honest about what information they operate on. This I think is good in not using illusory friendship to usurp the labor or capital of another, who has been functioning in good faith. That wouldn’t be what friends do otherwise. A diplomat should know how to offer what can be offered, how to ask for what can be asked, and should be able to establish the reasoning for both. This is my opinion as the news broke this week… everyone is entitled to opinion and that’s mine on this matter. [Update 2014: Leaks can endanger lives, but they can also save lives. State secrets can do both the same.]

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