idea! not critique

I realize that many of my postings are critiques. As important as critiquing is, I want to offer an idea. It’s a simple idea, but one that I think will prove effective. The United States has been disputing the oil pipeline named “keystone”. I think that we should not only build it, but sell some oil from it, to Israel who reportedly has crippling oil prices and few partners. If this is true, why not help? This is a constructive way to help. Coinciding with such plan, we must introduce a cash crop to Afghanistan. One that replaces the poppy and one that can sustain local farmers in a healthy marketplace. I hope this plan is embraced by US leaders and through election time. So far, only Republican candidates have expressd disdain over a block of the “keystone”, some democrats expressing concern over environmental impact. I think however, that this must be built in order to not allow the war to have wiped out any productive future for the country whom war has been waged against for many recent years.

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