our major election? Or re-election?

I don’t take pleasure in the downtrodden being disappointed. Nor do I enjoy offerings I make being squandered. To all those who still are hanging on to “hope” and “change” under the current policies, I would advise aligning your vote with the best chance that you have. Experts between now and Nov 7 are trying to convince us all, and especially the poor, that voting for the darker skinned “minority” from the poor neighborhood, is your guarantee for more security in finace and all regards, and that of your children. If that’s shamefully stated, or just pointed out suggestively, I inform the desparate who don’t understand economics nor understand that widespread economic wealth is derived through honest policies. While punishing the so-called rich and all taxpayers might be appealing to some people, and while it may serve the grand ambitions of bloated government, I tell you now that we would all lose. Consider ourselves warned.
Many voters are still too young in experience to know what some of we older voters have learned over the last 15-20 years. A politician who promises you ideals, just might effectively leave you asking exactly what you got, after January, post election months. I so like those men and women who understand this. It’s up to us to not allow young people or weak people to fall under the glitzy illusions, as our money goes to finance the world’s poor in other nations before it can go to allow you and me to survive with dignity, to self determine, to live according to morality and to provide for your/our own children with self respect.
I stand with you like minded, who make these tough but correct decisions to fire the incumbent. And, I know there are many others out there like me, who believe that the referrendum to 2000-2004 has now run it’s course. Mission accomplished. May God bless America.

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