The “Bieb”meister.

My good wishes go out to J. Bieber. He’s still really young and is confronting incredible stresses that most adults don’t know anything about nor could handle even as an aged person.
Some people believe that celebrity figures “like the attention”. I assure those people that positive attention is one thing. Quite another is negative attention that is broadcast in “mainstream” to every household; having to deal with intense pressures, crazy fans, stalkers, con artists, predatory profiteers, and people making decisions for you in secret, or not in secret, but making the decisions for you. Maybe retire, tell the judge you want to retire.
I don’t know any of Justin’s publicists, managers etc. personally, but if he fires them, they best respect his wishes. The only news that I have heard which drew my attention to write this, was his CHP traffic stop for speeding, and today’s news that he had a nervous breakdown. Again, hang in there buddy. [Update 2014: I saw the film “Believe”. His entourage seems like a good bunch of people. A mega-star. As for the egg throwing; teen-aged behavior… I’m sure it’s a bill you can pay.]
P.S. Women swooned when you took care of that young girl. Keep singing… you have a good voice.]

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