Harry speaks out

Congratulations to you Prince Harry, for going on record with your news article.
You take the position that articles are often skewed or outright lies. And press can damage lives. You know this from personal experience too. This is not unique to British print and other media, so dialogue on this issue is a good thing, as it shows your courage and witness to press.
Reader reactions to news, ultimately becomes ones choice of what to believe; I agree with you that lies are a violation. But, I see some degree of valor in not trying to dispel all lies – there are just too many of them to attack all of them.
Sadly, so many people aren’t phased anymore by the supposed gravity of situations that people in prominence find written about them. If all ‘average’ people were written about every day, there would be more news than could ever be consumed, so they should show more respect than they/we often do.
May God bless you and family as you enter any real danger in the military; I suggest talking to your religious leaders often. I suspect it will help you with your life and death challenges too. (As they do for me).

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