drawback to niche marketing

We find that movie makers cater to a niche – a marginal segment of audience that is looking for a specific story and specific content. With focus groups, this specialized product is increasingly refined. This has a certain amount of predictability that marketers can use to predict profit as well. One casualty of this process and strategy, however, is the capacity to draw a diverse audience in. Diversity increases the number of spectators and participants; and provides a shared experience among a diverse audience. Niche marketing compartmentalizes and sections off people into fragment groups. Whereas the ratings system alone categorizes content, age appropriately, too aggressive niche campaigns, separate people into small fan-bases. The incentive for niche marketing is that a loyal segment, reached specifically, is spoon fed exactly what they like. The financial drawback to marketers however, is that if their movie franchise fail, the movie bombs. And if too few people turn out, the franchise loses as well. Even with niche marketing there are however from time to time, movies that have great appeal to wider audiences – with domestic and global reach.

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