Syria and the US negotiating?

No one, more than a few in the United States have an itch you could say, to go to war with Assad – and win Russian support in the process. Most obvious and outspoken: John Kerry.
Russia, China, Iran and most anyone, want the threat of (war now or later) removed, as does Assad, since he’s first in the firing line. This is so because Assad, [whether proven guilty of gassing] or rebels’ proven responsible for it, is intent on one result – preventing the United States from going to war with them, even if that means that Assad diminishes his own arsenal of weapons [used or unused] in the process of the deal to avoid military strikes on an already suffering country. Reassurances from leaders to Americans that no US boots will be put on the ground there, is not enough of a promise for the United States’ people either. Assad’s agreement to give up his arms is quite a responsible decision. I wonder if the US would ever agree to do something as that, if on the “receiving” end. Made clear was when the US announced several days ago to Americans that it would not work within the United Nations’ Security Council in deciding its own course of action. That kind of rogue mentality, brought down middle east leaders in recent years. With this swift progress in recent days, relating to US understanding that it cannot dictate all matters with regard to Assad, after removal of its imminent threat of war “from the table” and failure in drumming up citizen support, hope is growing for peace with each day. That is a victory for all parties. With regard to Syrian president Assad, I’m sure that he is well aware that admitting guilt even where none may exist, is in the interest of preventing bombardment. That is most likely why he has agreed to talks and agreements, not as an admission, rather a solution. If his arsenal was even never used in gassing people, he has said he will give up his arsenal in the interest of preventing bombardment. Give up weapons at the request [or demand] of another nation? I doubt the US ever would. Congratulations to Assad for seizing the opportunity early – before the situation changed for worse. And if he gassed his people, I would certainly like to know why he would do such a crazy thing – knowing full well that it could be cause for the US to destroy him. If he wanted war, he’d simply say something like,
“yeah those were authorized by me”.
Obviously he seems to say none such thing, and is interested in peace. Many who have spoken out in opposition to any war are praised – one being the Catholic Church. As it is, the displacement of people before any bombardment is grand and tragic; but, I can think of no better way for their lives to be preserved, than seeking refuge elsewhere, even if many fled to Iraq. Strange and telling don’t you think? I certainly think it is indicative of not just middle east strife, but also US threats.

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