UK + 1, UN + 1, US + 0.5

Why is it that anyone ought to know who ordered gassings in Syria?
Only then, would the United States’ government accusations hold credence.
Now that Assad has volunteered to allow the UN to have its way with his country,
it is a major breakthrough as he clearly sacrificed in the interest of avoiding WW3.
He’s a hero to his backers and to rebels who take up arms against him.
That is good, particularly since Assad is welcoming the collaboration, as we wait to see if
he can or will sustain military law. It has already been made clear, that his voluntary
concession will require a tall order of him and of the United Nations, as
war among rebels and government forces has been raging onward in the
country. It is the better way to sort through their issues without US military bombardment.
That would be totally unfair, particularly with what the UN now knows, that we do not.
The processes and evolutions in Syria will require great patience.
It is important that Russia remain critical of the US,
because disruptions in response to “failure” on the part of Assad, who is acting responsibly,
is evil.
Why raise the “bar” against Assad? It is to afford the luxury of pointing blame for his
country’s crisis. Are we going to do that in Egypt as well? With the intent of
keeping war a supposedly justified and measured response to “failure”, while
peace is at work, would be wrong.
So Russia is proving to be right, more and more that each day pass.
It seems we in the informed public, can be rest assured that the UN will be
able to work with Assad, no matter how long it take.
Otherwise, the same old scenario will continue… having read some of the details in brief,
if one reads between the lines, it sounds all too familiar…
Taking war “off the table” is exactly right. Insisting on being able to choose war at any
later date, (despite Assad capitulating in every regard) is evil. Good, is what is
happening now, thanks to negotiations; good, is US restraint.
Good would be giving Assad the option and protection needed for his exile or
imprisonment (whichever the UN decides, based on their findings).
If my country is defending and choosing to arm perpetrators of violence, killing the peaceful,
and dishonoring public (including Congressional) sentiment, I want
to know about it every time it happens. The US government can bide its time with power play,
but we citizens cannot.
The UN findings must be the first step in reaching cooperation among powers. Based even
on who is guilty (Assad or the rebels) – and my personal belief happens to be that
it is the rebels; Syria remains a complex battlefield.
For all the people trapped there, or those having fled, the problem is really big
and world leaders must recognize that those victims and refugees do not have the luxury of time
that you would like for yourselves.
They need some of the wealth of nations that are among the Arab League. I’m
disgusted that some in the middle-east live like kings, while others live worse than slaves.
How to get financials and resources to the right people
depends on leaders continuing to dialogue, with the right interests in mind.
[Update 2014: Unfortunately, one major middle-eastern power nation has refused to offer financial assistance to Syria. This cannot continue. I agree with my government’s apparent move to look for donors in that region, as was reported in this week’s news (1/21/2014).]

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