hail to the filibuster!

Why would we need a complete overhaul to our United States’ health administering, when the only great concern to most people after all of these years who seek a health plan, has far less to do with the current delivery systems and far more to do with the one sticking point that our president promised us. Namely, a law which would prohibit health insurance companies from barring admittance of a patient, due to “pre-existing” condition. No huge 1,000 plus page overhaul is needed when one simple law can be put in place to prohibit insurance companies from blocking admission of patients through underwriting departments of the major US companies. Ah, but there seems to be more below the surface… underhanded and complex details that leave the mass public feeling mistrust. And, some of these details have come to light, giving weight to the skepticism. For all those who feared a doctor’s diagnosis that would give them a “pre-existing condition”, far worse, would be a system where patient is turned into serf, serving mostly to finance a bureaucracy.

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