Hollywood should never be the sacrificial altar of its members’ souls. I truly believe that if Hollywood is to remain a viable marketer, the product must remain true to the narrative of its commercial creators. That includes actors, writers, directors, producers and all others involved. It seems all too certain, that Hollywood gained a notorious reputation as being the vampire of creativity, while hording the spoils for profit. True, the market is global, and with such expansive audiences, there is temporarily some room for dispersion to be cast, but at the end of the day, the films that bring in dollars, will be founded on stories that are honest, and stories that are re-created, by people who act with an altruism that does not exploit, with the aim of creating works that people need to see. Yes, need to see. Knowing what people want to see is part of the formula, but the rest of it, is creating depictions that people want to see AND need to see.
[Update 2014: After watching the “Golden Globe Awards” on TV, I was reminded and reassured that the industry is vibrant and still has much to promise in coming years to new generations. I did get out to see some of this years’ great works, and enjoyed them much. Congratulations to the nominees and winners.]

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