Why love is so important

Love shapes all of our lives. Lack of it always leaves its mark etched on our hearts. Speaking for myself, seeking it out has always been of primary importance; without it, one withers like a dead weed as we bleed what little of it exist.

Most of you, my readers, have gone to great lengths to find love with another. It has motivated you, like me, to go to great lengths to win the favor of a beloved. While this effort is not always successful, we should not take it out on others. Taking the freedom of others away, in order to feel some superiority, is what I see happening as we build more prisons in our state of California.

I direct my readers to a folk music artist of several decades ago. She, like me, has some Mexican heritage. She sang some songs entitled: “You’re No Good” and “When Will I Be Loved.”

Whether these songs were autobiographical or not, plays less relevance in this blog post. I witnessed two father figures in my family suffer from Parkinson’s disease. Though I was not of blood relation to either of them, I cared about them and as I say here, I witnessed their disease. My other side of the family is of Mexican, French & Portuguese descent (from what I know). The folk artist whom I referenced, has Mexican ancestry as well. She also suffered/s from Parkinson’s. On these two points, I take notice to her two musical hits. The titles are so appropriate to today. The two thoughts evoked by the titles alone, could be the words of every California state incarcerated individual who is plagued by drug addiction, lack of education, lack of money, violence and crime, and in possibly all cases… a lack of love in return for what little love they had, that they could dole out to others. In a state rife with broken families, single parents, and abortion, I’m sure that Linda Ronstadt may agree with me today, that building more prisons is not the recipe for communal success.

“California ranks 47th out of 50, in economic outlook” – [see  http://www.tpgonlinedaily.com/california-ranks-47th-out-of-50-states-on-economic-outlook/ ]
Is this a degenerate state, motivated by incarcerating more people? Using property owners next, to go even further to fund these operations? For what?! You’d do better to get these people to churches and families, rather than behind bars. Use money on state poverty services instead, and keep the change.

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