not so fast

In recent days, there was a public verbal condemnation against the Vatican and the Catholic church. Despite this accusation, the Vatican has taken many steps to engage with contrition over past sexual abuse incidences while simultaneously working forward to safeguard life in many different ways. The Catholic church is interested in life and liberty, today, with hope and love. It is defending the rights of the unborn and soon-born, so that they too will achieve life, liberty, justice and equal rights among people. The UN’s reported statements at this time, are unfortunate by political manuever, with appearance that it wishes as a government body of the international community to assert a sense of supremacy and exercise a political jab at religion and religious freedom. Its time to fairly recognize that preserving life and dignity of, is a shared responsibility, best achieved by all government bodies working together with the global Catholic church around the world with what should be this common goal. First, we should recognize the numbers of infanticide and go outward from that fact, to see just how we can best mitigate crisis pregnancy and abolish infanticide. Prevention of birth and adoption are two such methods with which we can come together to support life and dignity.

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