thank you Mr. Rohrabacher

After watching representative speeches this whole morning, clearly there was a round of speech in the capital – equivalent in tone, to Russian flag burning, American style, over Crimea having voted for and subsequently joining the Russian Federation. It [the disdain] seems to have been picked up from exactly where the “Bloodhound Gang”, in concert, left off. It is evidently a case of sour grapes here among some representatives who probably haven’t even yet been communicated with, from their constituents. Among those representatives I reference, who are perhaps fond of the cold war of past, longing for such return to, they clearly resent the military success of Crimea’s course of being included with Russia. Today, in the US capital, sanction measures are being voted for in lock-step with president Obama’s vocalization in Brussels, in which he said that Russia must “pay the price”. These words unfortunately first came out of Ukraine and were echoed by Mr. Obama in his speech. Precisely such sanctions referenced by US leaders, have been spoken about all morning here, in Washington, as a direct result of some rattled few in Ukraine, post Crimean exit.

The honorable Mr. Rohrabacher today, was correct in pointing out that the Crimean events were not exemplary of a Communist regime of past, as led by “a despot” that needed to be “punished” and “face consequence” (I quote some of the other representatives in the US capital today). The US president assured Europe yesterday, that “it [EU] not need to fear another cold war.” Yet, too many representatives today, caused trouble here with their speech and posture. They said that America “speaks with a unified voice against Russia in condemnation and punishment.” That is not true. When did Washington poll the public on this? Hog wash to those who say this. Thanks for Mr. Rohrabacher who pointed out that former US military policy in the past in some Eastern Europe nations, differed in dynamic and fate from this situation. Russia is not forcing incorporation. This current condemnation of Russia is “not needed and is counter to our interest.” He [Mr. Rohrabacher] also suggested that we need not ignite such circumstance of decades ago. I agree and commend my representative. Crimea is, he said, “an example of self-determination” for a region loyal (by about 95% according to my sources) and attracted to the Russian Federation; the joining cost one or two deaths and by comparative history is a huge success. What business do we have disrupting that? None that is legitimate and productive for the Western nations. Now the rest of Ukraine is free to look westward as they so choose, and I [we] certainly don’t oppose our shared values with Europe. And, there’s enough evidence out of Europe that they have the intention to open up trade with us. So what’s all the fuss about? So, let’s stop the melodrama and rhetoric of saying that we must “save” the rest of Ukraine and all of Europe. Sanctions against Russia are not necessary. Europe (including Ukraine) will be able to open up to more sources of oil supply in relatively short time, thanks to EU initiative and leadership that the US should intend to support. Now, with the “keystone” pipeline, the so-called “choke hold” with regard to Russian oil oligarchs can now be economically competed with. Europe now even without sanctions, has far less of an energy threat today precisely due to the positive events. An opportunity is born. The fact is, that with Europe choosing to buy oil from more than just Russia, we’re all happy campers (or at least should be) if we’re not to be blind of the development. And Brussels so too has the right to decide just who it wishes to partner with in purchase of oil to Europe. So too has the USA, a tradition and history of purchasing from Russia and even unfriendly to the West regimes. So let’s not deny ourselves, or Europe, choice of oil partners.

The speakers today, with the exception of Mr. Rohrabacher, were more interested in vilifying Mr. Putin as a boogeyman, and undoing progress that was achieved in Europe… doing exactly the opposite of what the US president said today that we won’t be doing and need not fear – namely the stoking of yet another cold war. I can see first hand that those in the West who wish to be counterproductive people, have found an ally in Ms. Timoshenko, who verifiably has personal hatred for Mr. Putin. I recommend that you do your very best to teach her a gentle democracy, if that is at all possible, particularly if she runs for office in Ukraine. Shouldn’t the IMF alone be financing their development?

Only one of the representatives present to speak in the US today, had the complete understanding to acknowlege and express today that Crimea voted for inclusion with Russia. That is Mr. Rohrabacher. Did the others believe US viewers and listeners to be that poorly versed in history? Mr. Rohrabacher adequately represented California and the USA today. Moving forward, US leaders should suggest a desire to ask the EU how we [it] can help them as directed out of Brussels… to stabilize European finance, which in some parts still experiences extrememly challenging financial circumstances, if invited to and not presumed.

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