Diren Dede 17, shot and killed with a shotgun


This story breaks my heart. A young person, with good will, comes to a far away nation (the United States) to share his culture and a part of his youth with a host family in Montana, on a student exchange program. This host family took away a great deal more than they were entitled to… his life. It brings great shame and a lasting consequence of mistrust between countries that could potentially share so much more in blessings with one another. Clearly, our nation perpetrates such crimes on many born into this nation. We see it all too frequently, yet when these things happen to guests staying in our country, the motivation for sharing is discouraged and we should be even more concerned about such evil. We pray for Diren Dede and his family.
It’s not imaginable that this teen was aware of any wrongdoing… that he’d be asking in some way for being shot and killed, let alone that there was some “asking for it” (paraphrased) as the defense attorney (whom I ad, apparently, was hired quite swiftly) has already suggested to the British press. The defense lawyer’s exact comment relayed was “The young man made a choice and put the wheels in motion that ultimately created this whole situation.” This sounds to me like a cover for pre-meditated murder, plain and simple. What happened here does not reflect on all of America, but it certainly casts a dark shadow. Whatever weapon is used in such a crime, the point remains that a host family has a certain responsibility for the welfare of any guest. Whether they turn out to like the person personally or not, or have some sort of personal issue hosting regret, must be kept in check. Whether they are motivated by rage, jealousy, or anything of that likeness. Certainly not all host families would permit something like this to happen, but this one did. And this one failed to recognize that their “guest” was no intruder – no their guest! My prayers go to the Turkish/German nationals whose son’s life they entrusted with an American host family that turned out to be vicious. As Diren Dede’s family mourn this loss, I pray and share in great sympathy.

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