Property vs. Education? Some politicians want that direction.

The relentless obsession that “tax-and-spenders” exhibit, is clearly self-serving and does not serve the public well at all. A state economy crippled already, with skyrocketing college tuition fees, makes the burden heavy on young families. So, why would anyone (supposedly legislating) in our interest, raise property taxes & increase the financial hardship on families; unless it’s to support the very “pass-the-buck” mentality of special interest groups that we must continue to oppose and defeat?
According to the HJTA, current governor Jerry Brown (who wishes to run again), was infuriated that his plot to dismantle Prop 13 (and similar protections) failed in past years. He’s not letting go. How many millions of petitions that are regularly delivered to him, are required, for him to get the message to back off?! So much time is wasted, fighting the very people who are supposedly (however inadequately in many cases) represented within the state capitol. According to the HJTA, “so far, Proposition 13 has saved Californian taxpayers over $528 Billion! [in potential rip offs] And when you add in all of the other HJTA victories, the average California family of four has saved nearly $60,000 as a direct result of the activities of Howard Jarvis and your HJTA”. That money salvaged, could thanks to HJTA, be spent by families for its children’s educations, without having it stolen from politicians first.
Now what kind of responsible leader, would wish to tax the average family more, while college tuitions continue to rise, many-fold each year, and why would our governor advocate even more liberal immigration policies that erode common sense protection for American families? If our native families are struggling and being ripped off, what makes this leader think (or immigrants think) that immigrant families will be able to own a home… let alone, pay more taxes levied on property?! And then, in addition, afford college tuition for children? Should we stand for this type of sabotage? I think not. All families must stand together in maintaining the current red line that we draw. That’s why we must spread the word and support HJTA in greater numbers, as we through them, continue to fight for our rights in court.

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