amidst so many tragedies…

Many of us in the United States have heard differing theories surrounding the late princess Diana’s death. Tabloid journalism also supports the rumors that get passed on as though they are reliable and conclusive – though containing maybe an ounce of truth.

Though it comes late, I personally want to apologize for any ignorance in my discourse and participation in theorizing, that the death was actually a disguised murder by her enemies. Even if, only in a fleeting thought or private conversation. We here in this country were informed that she had many enemies, and so we do seek to blame and point fingers at potential murderers.

Though free to conclude for ourselves, though free to discuss, we must each remember that in the “court” of public opinion, our unconfirmed beliefs can be damaging to innocent people. All through history and to the present day, we often falter by discarding truth in the absence of fact and believe often what we wish to or choose to.

Now it does seem ever more possible in the modern age, to determine exact cause of deaths – when investigations are permitted to be undisturbed and as conclusive results are permitted to be released uncompromised. When we see the complex resources used to locate downed planes, and the intense hunger to establish true events, I am called to mind how important establishing truth is to mankind in human affairs. Technology has made this science very easy. And when it is possible to determine truth, we should do so. But, through much of history, lies have been passed as truth, in the retelling of events. And we need to try to inhibit that human tendency for the sake of justice.

Diana’s death was talked about as a mystery; likened to that of the JFK death, in the USA, among compatriots. Motive becomes question, when we fail to make sense of what happened and have doubt about press statements.

Though it is many years later and while official statements at the time were made in both cases, surrounding the personal and public relations of the late princess & cause of her death, we simply have to agree that this tragedy [like that of JFK] may never be completely understood. Furthermore, more recent events require our attention, resources, and investigations. The late Diana’s death is a tragedy that may just be behind many of us, though remembered.

She must be so proud to look down today, to see such a hopeful and well-adjusted legacy in her children’s lives.

How far we go to extricate truth from tragedy, will likely continue to depend on perception of past and present events. One thing we cannot do, is to ignore tragedy. We need to pay attention to it and allow truth to prevail.

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