The Bible offers comfort. Not just fire and brimstone.

Dear friends,
For Christians, so much in our life, is less critical in our learning, than understanding the Word of God as Christ wants us to. So many of us (including me) are learning HOW to interpret the new covenant in these days that we live.
Yes, the bible clearly accounts to us that Christ paid the only and final ransom for our
predecessors’ sin in failing to live up to the covenant, as God clearly had hoped
they would. Also true, today, we still fall short of what was then etched to stone on the Mount. But, in the New Testament also, and in the time we now live,
Christ taught & teaches us the modern perspective and crucial interpretation.
He reminds, that “until heaven and earth disappear”, we must follow the prescribed law, and view that law, in the way Christ taught. In the way Christ taught as God’s messenger!
I have found some assistance by comparing Gospel to Gospel, as two inspiring
faith leaders have helped me to do.
Look specifically at Hebrews 8 and Hebrews 9, compared to the Old Testament commandments as written.
Together, Hebrews states that without nullifying the original covenant, we have
relief from the complexity of the first, for which “we” utterly failed to live up to. Christ
freed us, with finality, and reformed our perspective on the same law! That is
miraculous. I thank God. Do you as well?

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