One reason why we value our US Constitution

Freedom of speech in America, is often criticized. We just go too far, some people think. The consequence of muffling prevalent belief however, is not one that is popular to us. If we silence one of us, we silence all of us to our defeat. Observers should see things as they are said, and, understand context. We would be selling freedom and years of progress, if we were to become the demure silenced “wife”, of “male” domination. If America seems too outspoken to others who do not understand American nuance or our brand of humor, then they will not succeed in walking the path along with us. In light of several recent controversies involving American well-known people, I say to their critics, remember that all of American heroes (past and present) did not shy away from speaking what was on their minds whether quietly and in brief, or at great length. And, some of the most revered today, likely supported actions at one time that would have outraged or shocked the common man or woman today… as being used a method, for galvanizing changes in society. If we look at history, the greatest heroes gave in to methods that were not of a purely noble intention; compromising their integrity to achieve a social end with the exception of Christ.
Which is why we should emulate those who have courage, but do so not simply by heralding our provocateurs, rather by speaking our original mind, and not imitating a popular discourse or thread. That is genuine diversity… in harmony. The more we speak it, the more our diversity is celebrated by us. After all, the goal is not to say the same sentence, no! It is to hear each others voices, and not be drowned out by a political single statement. We should emulate those who speak controversy, not by mimicking their words, but by hearing what they are saying, to the degree of our capacity and maturity- no matter how docile we are by nature, or brave. In this way we can teach; in this way we can hear the singular truth that exist spoken from God – and best learn to distinguish it from the false rumbles around us every day.

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