additional point regarding taxation

Some of you reading my prior most recent post, might have been surprised by my comment in summation: “b++++ better have my money.” Though I quote lyrics from Rihanna, and while you would need to investigate the context for which she sings about that, I can think of no better application of her sentiment, than to scoff at theft.
Is my use of her words, a comment, coming from a sentiment of greed and narcissism? Not anymore than perhaps hers, and just maybe not at all. Overly burdensome taxation is stealing.
Stealing is stealing. Whether stealing from the a rich person or from a poor person, the act of using federal and state law to egregiously apply policies of disproportionately high taxation is unjust; further, to disrupt public trust by having a history of using those dollars in a less than efficient or criminal manner (obscuring proper return of service to the person’s tax collected), penalties (in a just society) would not seem uncalled for. And so, taxation (as looting), is ever more a concern, when it go beyond levels of collected amounts that exceed financial well-being of its citizens and economy. When that which is collected, becomes taken as an act of greed – perpetrated against the servile (instead of judiciously collected and used for all with sensitivity to all), the needs of community which are consistent with genuine and just taxation levels and means become betrayed in the process. The recent history of federal income tax procedures, is also an area in which light must be shined. The facts show, just how much an extension of power our tax collection system has become – as a feudal model, against individuals, families, businesses and organizations.

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