Announcing subscription services

Dear reader,
Thank you for your loyalty to my company as you tune in to see what I have written.
My posts and archived posts, remain available to non-subscribing persons.
As I have said some time ago, I do depend on financial support in order to keep bringing the reliable information to you.
This August 20, 2017, I am announcing subscription services to you. For a two month minimum duration and renewable subscription, $7.00 is charged. There are four tiers of renewable membership.
You can initiate and find details by selecting menu tabs, from the same page where you have been visiting to read my postings (after clicking the blue links that you always do to be redirected to the page).
If you have been relying on auto-notification to receive notice for postings, this system remains in effect still.
Now, however, future postings will be blocked from view for non-paying readers.
Thank you for considering to sign up! It truly is a value still! Please refer me to your associates, colleagues, friends and loved ones!

Sincerely, Chris’ lounge.

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