reader stats

Hello, I would like to today briefly notify my between 6-10 blog-followers: too few of you have upgraded to subscription services. I really do appreciate your interest in my writings. And, as you know, the vast majority of my postings are still available for free reading. Those have been available to hundreds of people around the world, and I don’t intend to monetize them. My metrics show each country and the amount of readers from each country. Those of you who publish as well, know of this tool. Those metrics are exciting to me, because the interest in my blog postings is regionally broad and high in number. I also have received the occasional notice when one of you has signed up for “auto-notification” of my new publishing. That also is great news to me! For those of you who have not yet signed up for access to all the new posts… what is the delay? Please sign up and stay current with all the important publishing. Thank you!

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