Current Chancellor A. Merkel. And, former California Governor this week:

Friends, sometimes a celebrity’s ego can get in the way of making cogent argument. True, for anyone. Sometimes, also, (to be fair), what people say can be misunderstood-so it’s often best to inquire if one can and offer benefit of the doubt. This week, German Chancellor A. Merkel scored some big points here (by American patriots), by bravely defending free speech for all views in the West. While one of “our own” here in America, distastefully made a poor likening, invoking 1930’s and 40’s German history, to our President… with past German historical tyranny, genocidal rule, and dictatorship. This, boosting leftist sentiments; and, glorifying leftist advocates (in Hollywood) who fund discord and rebellion, in order to advance their own politics by any and all means that they feel may be necessary. Read more here:

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