“enemy combatants”

Quoting a prominent newspaper, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was reported to have said that quote [“enemy combatants” cannot challenge their detention] unquote. While he is technically right, that a prisoner of war in custody is not subject to the same civil protections afforded by our constitution, the problem is that these individuals, if they are in fact guilty as presumed, and even worse for them perhaps not US citizens, they are still protected by the Geneva Convention and rules of war. An enemy combatant must be guilty of specifics that most of us want to agree are legitimate threats. Mr. Gonzales has been positioned by the regime, & sculpted, by politicians who favored this war and the declaration that would give unprecedented sweeping powers to leaders such as Powel, Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Blair, Ashcroft, Bolton, Muller, Tenet (I’m sure I’m forgetting some for now). The point is that some are apologizing or not, resigning or not, and the important thing to remember is that our US citizenry would not want to be among any who is erroneously swept up, flown to a “torture state”, and/or held without bail or due process. The broad language used to define an enemy combatant is what causes the public to lose confidence in those individuals in US government, who should otherwise be the very best in the world at catching the right people. Even then, not making examples of detained persons, rather dealing them a prison sentence as found guilty under our judicial branch jurisdiction. It is sometimes a difficult job for our leaders to conduct government, but their job cannot be made easier at our own expense of being swept up in the arm of their hunger to punish. Our president in past days was reported to have said that Mr. Gonzales has “done nothing wrong”, but it is our job as citizens who have the power to vote, influence, dissent, and impeach at our discretion, to judge the intent of our civil servants.

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