Why Hussein was hanged in the middle east

The former dictator of Iraq, who waged war as did the former Yugoslavian leader Mr. S. Milosevic, was actually a friend of the US at various points in history. Well, his hanging took place after a long, drawn out, and secretive trial outside of the US borders. All of a sudden, his hanging was announced to the world. Any sympathizer could do nothing to contest this decision and none was informed enough to prevent it from happening, even if that was desired. Disagreement with this verdict was widespread in Europe, and the citizens of the US really were stated neither to be in favor of it or against it. In the US, killing one person or many, is equally deemed as a deserved sentence for a killer – in many of our states, but not all. If the Hussein trial were conducted here in the USA, and not in an undisclosed location, there may have been a feeling that dissent could be exercised. But, as was the case with the Milosevic trial in The Hague, both former US president Bill Clinton and George Bush took personal initiative to end the crimes against humanity that took place. But, it is important to recognize that the US agenda to start a war against global terrorism (extremely ambitious and disputable as to how to achieve success) really began with domestic bombings of federal buildings, US naval ships elsewhere, US embassies elsewhere, world trade center attacks etc. Dislike of a foreign dictator, spurned on war, and really created impetus for US military action. Furthermore, there was economic incentive. As was the case in Yugoslavia by Britain; the US acted virtually alone to attack the geographic area where dislike of a foreign leader and terrorism seemingly merged – into what Mr. D. Cheney would come to refer to as a “nexus” for terror.

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