Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields has used Washington’s pulpit to further causes, as many before her have. For Ms. Shields, it is her fight to battle her postpartum depression which became public when Tom Cruise publicly (I think) criticized her decision to use medication to remedy her ill. Tom’s answer for her problems may have been Scientology, as opposed to drug treatment, but he did not go so far as to say that out right and publicly. Maybe Tom’s criticism of her use of prescription drugs fueled her fire and so she acted to speak out against its epidemic proportions by her estimation. She could very well have been right.
The average male, Tom Leykis radio-listening majority will find both stars to be slightly out of touch, with their championing. Once in a while one need to be reminded that neither Brooke nor Tom are categorically, undeniably correct, for the practices of all of us. Those who do take prescription and those who do belong to a church must remember that they do it for their own wellbeing, however they define. And that, in turn, benefits the church as a whole community.

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