The lasting legacy of Lorenna Bobbit

In an age that is battered, if not defined by exceedingly bad behavior at the hand of some anti-socials, it pays to look back and remember what happened, so we can be a bit more forgiving of mistrust between individuals (depending on the situation and degree). First, I recall the Rodney King beating. Then I recall the OJ Simpson murder trial and surprising verdict… the attack on Nancy Kerrigan at the Olympic ice rink, and, The Robert Blake trial – to name a few. There are so many more examples in recent times that really give us a large list of men and women in the USA. But, if anything fell short of making men at large lose a bit of their confidence, Lorenna Bobbit is perhaps forever etched in the mind of the modern man of my generation, and the culprit for a gender assault that lasted and lasted; in some ways still lasts. She is a woman who cut off her lover’s/husband’s penis while he was sleeping. Need I say more about trust in the bedroom? Yikes!

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