Pentagon scrapping anti war database?

Psychologists have publicly stated that they have recently lifted a ban. Apparently they used to self censure by keeping themselves separated from the interrogation process conducted by government officials. This self-censure may have amounted to thoroughness comparable to the self-censure of deviant priests in the Catholic Church. I don’t know. I assume there were for a long time now, “exempted” psychologists, hired as government employees for various government contracts. I find this lifted ban interesting in light of what was nearly simultaneously announced. The Pentagon is “scrapping” a database. I hope that the ACLU has made the correct assumptions [not that the ACLU is necessarily our champion] and checked the facts about the Pentagon program closure, which states that it (the Pentagon) has decided to scrap its database on individuals who are anti-war. The database may contain info on foot demonstrators as well as anyone who has petitioned various government bureaus over various citizen concerns, and those who place phone calls outside of the country; right… many of us. It is difficult to know the extent of classified data compilation on this. And further, does this “closure” mean that the information will be simply transferred to the federal bureau of investigation (whom the files are reportedly being sent to according to CNN), to be utilized further under a different umbrella? The ACLU seems to be convinced that the data will not be maintained and used, for example, in one possible scenario: in cooperation with the psychologists who recently have announced that they are lifting their ban against its own (now un-instated) policy of working with local law enforcement and/or state and federal government officials in the interrogation process of individuals.

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