Caring for seniors

Most seniors, whom I know personally, lead active lives, have responsibilities, are energetic, and would grow lonely if separated from their friends and children. That is a fact. And so, health maintenance is critical. Do your crossword puzzles, watch your favorite programs, engage in hobbies and travel, organize with your church and social groups. If you depend on your children solely for maintaining your mental health, please remember that they may still depend on you as well. So, nurture your hobbies and talents as well.
Also, I advise: Do not let society at large dictate and decide for you, what is appropriate social living. The adage about kicking your kids out of the home at age 18 is no longer applicable. Many families’ members have benefited a great deal from each other while living under the same roof. Many cultures advocate multi-generational cohabitation. So, if you think that your situation is “abnormal”, don’t rush to judgment. Don’t call the police over normal “turf wars”. Generational gaps have to be mitigated and are often done so through a few or more heated, emotionally charged “debates”. Unfortunately, some boomer men can be easily intimidated and feel threatened, as they were raised in a generation where male masculinity was defined by providing financially, for their female counterparts. This does not have to be so. So, be a bit more forgiving of your children’s financial plight, don’t rush to have your adult child medicinally subdued, counseled, or even committed, and everyone will be better off. And, if your child is ready to buy, or to inherit the home, the relationship will hopefully be based on a sound relationship without chastisement, first and foremost.

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