123 mil worth sold to Arabia-endorse Edwards

Now just months ago we nixed a plan to sell US eastern seaport ownership to a private Saudi Arabian company. That was struck down in the interest of caution, not to mention jurisdictional control- that was wise. I believe Ms. Rice was prepared to formally broker that bad idea. But now, the line was crossed it appears. Just yesterday we sold 123mil worth of precision guided bomb technology to Saudi Arabia? Hmm- why change of “strategy” from our leadership? Where is that darned decision compass? I wonder where those bombs will fall, and just who will be blamed or credited, for dropping them. The concern is that we’re not only selling weapons, but that we’re not being told why. I really cannot think of anyone Saudi Arabia really has publicly stated they want to use this technology against. I really don’t think this sale is worth a slightly better oil barrel price, or any other arguable, perhaps ancillary benefit. There are other providers around the world for our oil partnerships and I don’t believe the myths portrayed here that there is no other source of oil. I believe Mr. Edwards knows this also and will pave us a path out… effectively un-marrying us from Iraq and others. I’m not even broaching any topic about alliance or hatred between and among Arab nations within. If there’s ever a time to boost our working class interests in our country and neglect other nation’s disputes, it’s now. Ms. Clinton, a women’s rights advocate, would be sadly more concerned about women’s rights there, than about their capacity to fire weaponry. So it appears. Sadly, I see that Europeans to arm Saudi Arabia. I’ll be watching to see what she says about the issue remembering that she was pro war. I’d be very surprised if nothing is said about this by the contenders running against her in US elections. I’m voting for the one who most credibly appears in his heart of hearts, to advocate and to have advocated long ago, this opinion I’ve come to share with Mr. John Edwards, the only man to boldly put into personal practice an initiated fight against illegal campaign contribution. The other contenders should rally around him and the American citizen should actuate his nomination.

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