How to vote?

I am currently a registered “Libertarian”. While “Peace and Freedom” and other third-party positions are competitive and attractive choices at the polls, I will join a growing number of individuals voting for the “Libertarian” party in the primary election. I recently came across a candidate, a woman, who in the party is most definitely capable and ready to be the United States’ first woman president. I am honored to have received a phone message from her in response to my sharing information with her of party ideal and issue topic.
I am excited about this move toward a stronger, a more free America, that is a shared ideal among the party. My hope is that among Dems, Mr. Edwards pick the right VP in defeat of the former first lady. I would hope the same out of the other men running. And the Republicans have at least one good option for leadership perhaps also. But I repeat, there is only one that is the best for a particular juncture, and that is something that I can only hope I know from this view. May God help us in this very crucial political race.

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