and for the unemployed and too sick to work?

What was voted for the unemployed, or too sick to work, in the Senate today? For those citizens unable to afford any plan what so ever. What for them?
This is a serious question. Are they to continue going to emergency rooms and driving up public costs and individual debt? Does the healthcare bill have a taxpayer funded plan that can prevent private insurers from raising premiums on us? One that provides for the weakest among us and keeps private insurers honest in their coverage of people, who buy individually, or who have employer sponsored plans of care? This is what was promised America. Must employees turn down a job because they don’t like their employer selected plan? To keep prices affordable, we must eliminate the dire need some folks have by giving a standard to uninsured people, and an incentive for them to attain a superior private plan. And to prevent a two class system, allow for Medicare to regulate private insurers by reviewing and controlling the private insurance co. and drug premiums. Government must regulate the insurers. I hope this has been achieved so that individuals and employers can shop for what is best for each of them.
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