a word about acting

Mel Gibson. Mel received negative press for an under the influence outburst. Warranted accusations they may be; however, there is one thing that this fine actor has proven. Mel has proven that acting requires courage. His real life outburst may have been a courageous outburst that was provoked. His craft is proof that his real life does “mingle” at times with his passion and genius for acting. Can there really be a divorce of the two? Not always. Probably not; and that is why I still support Mr. Charlie Sheen with his public outbursts as well. There is a place for “bad boys”. That is Hollywood so long they can deliver fine characterizations. Is there a place for therapy? You bet. But, don’t sell these guys short. Give them what they need: A place to act, and a reason to be relatively more sober. And for all the rest, you just haven’t been caught, or you’ve been real careful.

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