is exporting democracy obligatory?

In support of America, to anyone reading, I ask that all our troops return ASAP.
Exporting democracy in the form that we’ve been seeing is not obligatory.

Iran’s president announced in a public speech that “his country could develop nuclear weapon if it wanted, but that it does not have such intention”. Americans should probably acknowledge that it can. And any immigrant group who publicize in our streets today, supporting or suggesting that the USA depose the Iranian president, should take a good hard look, and thank the citizens of this country (perhaps each of them included) for paying taxes that have already gone to fight enough wars to “last” many lifetimes. I hope that they as I, learn to resent US tax dollar applied use as continued “democracy exportation” to other countries. This is where we live, and manners alone, should hold us to rules of engagement, even in the USA. Americans can be asked of no more. Don’t you (expletive-verb) forget it.

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