Toyota recall

While it is certainly true that a consumer’s line of protection is to refuse purchasing a product in favor of a competitor’s product, it is sad that a person can fall victim of product use. While “Toyota” regrets the loss of life in the recent recall, it seems unwilling to compensate victims in case of injury or their families in case of death. While American products in defect or recall have caused loss of life as well in years past, class action law suit could and was filed in those cases, were they not? I remember instances in years’ past where tires blew as a result of hastened manufacturing, causing instances of death on roadways. While I do not know of court cases that followed, I am sad to know that victims of such instances may not have the financial means of obtaining legal representation to file suit against a manufacturer. It will be telling to see how much remedy will be awarded to the victim of “Toyota” car malfunction, and whether or not American car manufacturers will learn from “Toyota’s” mistakes along with “Toyota” Japan. And further, whether or not America will invest resource to better control foreign product and engineering that American consumers purchase.

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