poker chips

To be extra clear about the CA democrats’ belief that it will “take time to correct the states’ problems”, I share my opinion that the governor is doubling down, hoping that his party can be rewarded for the road that has been paved and subsequently compromised in this mid-term election. In unfortunate circumstances, those who built the road half-way got the shaft. And I hope that our state, which has contributed the most to this nation, can come to pass the baton back to a willing new leadership that accepts the loss faced in 2010. It is imperative that the “double down” wins for the public, but I fear that the democrats have become the house vs. the players, and have taken the players’ wallets in the process. And we all know that the house nearly always wins, no matter how well the democrats of CA play our hand for us; and, can they meet the minds of the fiscal conservatives of 2014? Good night and good luck. We have already faced the recession/depression and any further dip into red, will be evidence enough to me, of failure by the decree of this clever little election.

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