and again

And again… of course it comes to this. A third proposal to arms sent to the middle-east. Halting settlements is something that can be done without having to arm oneself with US weaponry. Can you blame them for asking?
In this case, I suppose that Madam Secretary Clinton would argue that this is the “sacred cow” and that Israel deserves the reward.
I hate to be in the position to have to say this; of all people, Christian me? Well, I had made my stance public regarding other middle-eastern proposals in the past month or so, and all middle-eastern countries apply to my stance.
Well, giving weapons is proof of either a position of weakness and/or eagerness to please. And weapons do get used to shed blood, not just to sit on top of a mantle or function as a hood ornament.
Let us pray to the Lord for reconciliation among the quarreling nations, to whom I recommend not aiding and abetting. That should be what makes the US an exceptional people, not one that insists on arming others. Shalom.

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