Remebering those who died in war

In memory of those who have died as a result of war and violent oppression, I pray today with my peace-loving brothers and sisters around the world, who together commemorate the lives of those who were killed. This day is known in Germany as Volkstrauertag. One such group of people who faced such persecution, which present-day Germans tribute, is the Jews of Nazi Germany past – they are to be remembered, particularly on this day, by all generations of late and new. We pray for all who fall victim to holocaust, genocide, war, and murder.
Similar to Veterans Day in the US, German’s customarily reserve today for such reflection on their nation’s own wrongdoing; and, acknowledge those who have died in their wars and those who have fallen victim at their hand. We are reminded not to participate in such way in the future, and are wise to remind ourselves that we can transcend such brutality and transcend such exploitation of life.

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